Whether you are looking for a lawyer for representation or looking into entering a law school, there is a little confusion regarding the types of lawyers you need or you want to be. The field of law is always compared to that of medicine because of their specialization.

That is to say, the lawyer you need or want to depend on the situation you’re in or the field of study you want to be into.

Therefore, there many types of lawyers depending on what kind of specialization they are into. Here are four of the most in-demand types.

 Four Types of Lawyers in High Demand

Business Lawyer or Corporate Lawyers

The business law, in general, is a really broad specialization. Business lawyers typically deal with the company’s role in acquisitions, mergers, and most importantly taxes. There are lawyers who are focused only on small to medium businesses while others are focused on larger businesses.

Most of the times, a company hires the lawyer for only a specific task. A business lawyer can be a transactional lawyer or a litigation lawyer.

The difference between these business lawyers is that the transactional lawyer handles business transactions such as negotiation during deals and drafting contracts and other documents while the litigation lawyer handles the lawsuits thrown to the company. These two lawyers cannot do the job of the other but there are exceptions.

Labor and Employment Lawyers

Labor and employment lawyers are what the name suggests – they handle employment issues. They ensure that labor laws are followed by businesses. Like business lawyers, labor and employment lawyers are also categorized into transactional lawyers or litigation lawyers.

While the transactional lawyers draft the employment contracts, the litigation lawyers are the ones who argue in court any employment-related cases thrown to the company. For smaller companies, though, they hire just one lawyer to do both transactional and litigation works.

Labor and employment lawyers are also responsible for the assurance that the rights of the employees are protected in the workplace. Also, they handle any changes in the company’s or organization’s rules which directly affect its employees.

Family Lawyers

You need not second guess what family lawyers do. There are family matters which directly need the assistance of a lawyer. Although family lawyers not only deal with family issues, they are most of the times hired due to one.

You can take advantage of the services of a family lawyer when you are drafting a will, having a family planning, or preparing a prenuptial agreement. But most of the times, family lawyers are made to handle divorces and issues on children and marriage especially custody battles.

Though many of the family lawyers are focusing on only divorce cases, there are those who are offering their services in every aspect of the family law.

 What are the Types of High Demand Lawyers

Securities and Finance Lawyers

These lawyers are those who have a very specific focus on the category of law. Their specialties are largely concentrated on banks-related issues and stocks-related happenings.

Commonly, they also represent people who have issued a large amount of money or any money-related problems. Securities and finance lawyers are also your go-into when IRS comes after your or your organization.

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Four Types of Lawyers in High Demand