Innovation has always been closely associated with technology. Innovation and technology after all brings advancement in our lives. Technology has rapidly been changing and evolving. Within just the past decade, so many new inventions, improvement and evolution has been formed with technology.

Surely, the competition in the technology industry is extremely competitive because it is global. Everyone is in it to win the race. New technology 2017 will be filled of new and exciting inventions and everything will just get even better as time progress. New technology 2017 will certainly have the interest of everyone because who wouldn’t want to least know the new gadgets, right?

new technology being developed in 2017

Rising technological trends in 2017

AR and VR

Although there have already been AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) apps released since 2016, the technology is still being developed. 2016 however paved the way for the market to be ready for the AR and VR trend. Remember Pokemon Go? Now that the market is ready, companies are hard at work on coming up with even better improvement for their AR and VR technology.

Smart Home Technology

Smart Home Technology is making its way in 2017. There have already been news about the revolution of home automation technology and 2017 gives the dawn of new and even more smart home technology.

Companies creating home automation technology has may have been more on competition and less on collaboration. But now that gargantuan companies well-versed in uniform user experiences are coming to play, we can definitely expect to see major changes this year.

Being Developed: New technology 2017

There is always new technology being developed. New technology 2017 being developed are going to be exciting additions to the innovation that’s to come.

Air Selfie

Making a selfie can be quite a challenge sometimes especially when you actually plan on doing a “groufie” or taking a photo with some of your friends. Sometimes, there just isn’t enough screen space to fit you all or make you still have a nice background. Air Selfie offers a solution to that very problem. It is a portable flying camera integrated with its own device, storage and charging. With air selfie, you can easily create excellent photos no matter where you are or whomever you may be with.


Air33 is a light electronic eco-friendly bicycle. With this bicycle you can still do traditional pedaling but it also has features for hybrid pedal-assist or completely electric. You can choose to have your exercise or not. With Air33, you can travel more conveniently with the options of still doing manual pedaling or none.

technologies to be released for 2017

New Technology 2017 to be Released

There are tons of new technology to be released for 2017. New technology 2017 will add rise to innovation and give way to even better tech in the future.
Sgnl – Sgnl allows you to make phone calls with your fingertips.

You can connect it with Bluetooth and you can create and answer calls with just using your fingers. It can also serve as a smart watch.
Moodo – Moodo is a smart home fragrance box that can make 400,000 different scents. You can transform your home completely just with Moodo.

There are so many new technology 2017. The internet is filled with news and articles about new technology 2017. Remember to keep your eyes pilled for new and interesting innovation this 2017.

New Technology to Watch Out for 2017